Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Wait?

Disclaimer: Some topics discussed in this post may be offensive to you. My apologies  I'm just sharing what I feel God put on my heart.

  A huge issue with young people is abstinence. Most, unless they're a Christian, just see it as adults trying to keep the good stuff for themselves.

  Today I'm going to give y'all unmarried people (whether you're still a virgin or not.. it's never too late) some practical reasons to abstain until your wedding night.

  I'm sure you're all aware of marriages where one or both people are physically... er sexually unsatisfied. I'm here to show you my belief of the reason for this in most cases.

  They were not each others first. Now, I realize that it's not always the case.. but most of the time it is.

  God made sex and all foreplay as a beautiful thing for husband and wife to enjoy together. The ultimate connection and intimacy that no one else in the world have a right to interfere with.

  No one in the world is the same. We all have different shapes and sizes of bodies. It's how we were made.. to be unique.

  Take a woman.. if she sleeps with other men before her husband.. what if those other men are more well endowed than her husband? He likely won't be able to satisfy her as someone else has. BUT if she waits until her wedding night, she will have no other experience than her husband and this won't be an issue.

  You have the same problem with a man sleeping with other women.. except it's more about tightness instead of largeness (unless you're talking about chest size...).

  I don't say this to cause insecurities or doubts in your mind.. I say this because.. who wants to be compared to someones past lover?

  Now, I've never had sex. In the traditional sense at least, so I realize that I'm no expert on this matter. But it hurts me to know that what I have done.. won't be my husbands to claim for the first time. I hate the thought of him wondering if  he does it as good as I've experienced before.

   All those feelings have nothing to do with my Biblical belief, but everything to do with me. Can you honestly say that being compared.. or comparing wouldn't bother you.. that you wouldn't regret what you've done to cause yourself to be unsatisfied?

  Just something to think about.



P.S. Here is a post about purity that really spoke to me.


  1. I've never heard it said from that viewpoint before. My view on the subject is Biblical and basically that's enough for me though you've added something for me to think about. I know plenty of people who call themselves Christian who don't wait. I also know some who don't have the Biblical view who purposely abstained as their wedding day drew closer to try and give some special significance to that night. That sounds like a hollow victory to me.

    1. Oh it's enough for me too :). Despite the mistakes I've made in the past.
      I just felt the need to show a different view point for those that don't believe the way we do.

      I agree, That is a hollow victory.

  2. I've never really seen posting about this, but I agree with you. I'm glad you felt the need to speak about this topic. Sometimes Christians get all antsy about the topic of sex, but really it boils down to obedience to God and waiting for His best.


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