Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Don't worry, I know I look hot ;). 

  My Vday will be spent working my butt off doing school so that I can party this weekend.
It doesn't involve any chocolate or love poems, but that's okay.

  I've never rally liked Vday anyways. It's rather dumb.. and if you know the origin.. yeahhh.. haha.

  So, to everyone that is enjoying today with their significant other, have enough fun for the both of us, and don't you dare skimp on the chocolate eating. Be blessed, and remember.. for you non married folk.. leave room for Jesus if ya know what I mean ;).



  1. Cute picture!!

    My Valentine's Day was full of school too, but also of chores. Kate and I did plenty of early gardening today. We made some chocolates after dinner, but we make cookies or chocolates often when we've been working harder than usual. Because we didn't really do anything to celebrate the holiday, I see somewhat how you feel, with no poems or cards or roses. Jesus loves you!!

    1. Thanks :).

      That sounds like fun !!(well.. not the school and gardening part, but the making chocolates)

  2. Making chocolates is a great reward!

    Honestly, gardening is super easy compared to what else is gonna happen this spring. I moved in with Kate and her family in late November (close to the beginning of the slowest part of the year) so I haven't had to do many chores yet. And considering that there will be more goats and more chickens and a bigger garden this year, I'm curious to see what this year will hold!

    Jesus loves you!!

    1. It's kidding season around here, so I understand :)

  3. We had a good time and I got lots of chocolate!! It was so nice to be able to take a day off work and hang out together (that's definitely a plus side of finishing school, you can pick your own days off!)


Jesus loves you & I do too!
Be blessed, but also be a blessing.