Sunday, March 24, 2013


  After eleven glorious, fun, wonderful days, I have made it home at last! I feel quite accomplished. Not only did I get to spend a marvelous three and a half days with family, but we trekked across five states (including California and Texas)!

  Since I did many different things, I'm going to spread my sharing out. In this post I'll talk about the trip out and the family time.

  From my house to where my Aunt and Uncle live, it's 20 1/2 hours, so getting an early start was crucial. On Wednesday, we ended up stopping in Deming, NM, for the night, 10 hours into the trip. Needless to say, by the time we reached our destination at about 7 PM Thursday night.. we (mom and I especially) hated my dad's little Audi A3.

  The weekend was a whirl-wind of action. Since our reasoning for being there was for my cousin Jonathan's wedding, all of my Uncle Al's siblings and his mother were around too. Having never meeting any of them before, it was awkward for me at first, but by Monday morning when we had to leave, I was sad to part ways with them.

  Let me just pause here to point our that I am surrounded by the most amazing family and extended family anyone could ever ask for. I truly am blessed.

  Becky, Kezley and I stayed at a friend of Bonnie's house, so that we would be out of mom and papa's hair. I was thrilled to get some one on one hangout time with my big sister and littlest niece!

  In July, Jonathan's older sister Holly just had a civil ceremony  so only immediate family was invited. Since none of us had met her new husband, Arthur and his 16 year old daughter Mareena, Bonnie and Al threw a dinner party in their honor Friday night.

  Saturday was completely set aside for the wedding. And what a beautiful yet simple wedding it was. You could genuinely tell how in-love they are.

  Sunday was the last day in town for most of us, so we really just enjoyed each others company.

  Leaving Monday morning wasn't easy for me. I've always hated goodbyes.. and it just sucks even more when you don't know when you'll ever see them again (as in the case of Al's siblings.). I stayed strong though, not shedding a tear.

Kezley's favorite thing to do!

Becky and Kezley before Holly and Arthur's party

What a ham ;)

my wedding nails and jewelry. (Necklace made by Fred Tate)

Becky and Kezley all ready for the wedding!

All dressed up and excited for the wedding!

Their first dance

Jonathan, Neecie (our grandmother), and Elladina (Dina)

The photographer was taking pictures and I just happened to catch  one right as their flash wend off

Papa and I at the wedding

The back of Dina's dress

Kezley and I

Enjoying the bubbles Holly was blowing!

Jonathan and Dina after cutting the cake

Al's brother in-law David with my cousin Derek's kids

Mom and I at the wedding

Bonnie with Derek's youngest. 




  1. looks like fun! glad you're back :)

  2. Glad you had a good trip and that you back!


  3. Weddings are so beautiful :)

    I love all the pictures; Kezley's so cute!!

  4. Thanks Y'all :).

    Madylaine, She's even cuter when you know her sweet personality :)


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