Monday, March 25, 2013


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Moving on.. 

I've decided that since my parents and I visited many historical sites, and I took oodles of pictures, I'll just share a different place in each post I do. Without having a post solely for that purpose.

Walnut Canyon:

This was a site with cliff dwellings. Not only was it cool to see how the Native Americans built their homes in the nooks of the canyon, but the view was spectacular. I only wish that my phone would have been able to capture how beautiful it really was.

I feel sorry for the people who lived there... my head is almost hitting the ceiling.. 

If you're ever near Flagstaff, Arizona, you really should check it out!




  1. Cool! I've always wanted to see one of the famous canyons, preferably The Grand Canyon, but I live on the East Cost, so there are not any were I live.



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