Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm just a little mixed up

  Today is my last full day at home.. we leave bright and early in the morning. I can't decide how I feel about this.

  I'm ecstatic to being getting away.. seeing family, most of all Becky and Kezley.
but I'm stressed. I hate going on vacation this time of year. Summer is so easy, all I need is t-shirts and shorts. I'm praying that I don't forget anything vital.

  I'm bringing plenty of books to read, along with my school stuff so I can do it in the car. I should be set. I just need to calm my nerves. Prayer and deep breathing is what I'm working on.

  Well, off to put everything together. I'm going to miss you guys a lot, but never fear.. I'll be back with stories to tell and pictures to share :).



  1. I'm not a vacation kind of person, much of the "staycation" guy. Just like to chill with some movies and video games. Hope you have a good trip!


  2. you are going to have so much fun that you'll think about all this worrying you are doing now and laugh :)


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