Friday, March 1, 2013


Meet Jonas. He's a Great Pyrenees/ Akbash

I felt pretty.. so genuinely pretty.. so I took pictures :)

  Do you ever have times when your brain is simply missing in action? I had one of those last night. Now, I'm not gonna share what happened as it is unnecessary, but it was a bad night. Resulting in a sour mood this morning. Something that made my heart happy, if even for a moment? This text from my sister Kt :
"David is calling you to get him out of bed! You've also been informed that he is poopy ;)" 
Okay so the poopy part didn't make me feel good ;), but the thought of my sweet little 22 month nephew calling "Nana!" (that's what he calls me), just made me smile. Especially since that probably means he dreamed about me last night. goodness I miss my far away families..

  Unfortunately my sour mood was too thick to be completely wiped away by that sweet boy. It was actually thickened by all my frustrations with all the goats.. and chores.. I'm so ready for a break.. I'm pretty miserable right now.. and well I could use/ appreciate some prayer. Please and Thank you.

  On to other things.. I meant to give my opinion on the Oscars. I'm no expert on movies or anything, but I do love watching them, and we all know I love sharing my opinion lol. I'm only going to talk about the awards that I know anything about.

Best Picture: The only two nominees that deserved this title were Lincoln and Argo( Django Unchained wouldn't have been too much a stretch either), both EXCELLENT movies. Honestly I would have been happy with either, but I'm thrilled that Argo won. If you haven't seen it.. you must. Such.A.Great.Movie.

Actor in a leading role: Daniel Day-Lewis (As Lincoln) is the only one who deserved this award.

Actress in a leading role: I haven't seen any of the movies that the actresses were nominated for, but I'm pleased with Jenifer Lawrence winning. I really enjoy her acting, and honestly, she's just simply adorable.

Actor in a supporting role: I was pulling for either Alan Arkin (Argo) or Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln), not only because I loved both movies.. but they're both so talented. I was surprised by Christoph Waltz winning, but I do have to say, he really did deserve it.. even though he wasn't my pick.

Actress in a supporting role: This award was stolen from Sally Field (Lincoln). It's a simple fact. She should have won. Hey, I have nothing against Ann Hathaway  I like her actually, but she didn't earn the award. Her part was too small for that.

Animated feature film: I'm happy with Brave getting this, though Wreck it Ralph deserved it as well.

  So there you have it.. my take on the Oscars. Hopefully I didn't make TOO many people mad ;)



  1. Good thoughts on the Oscars. While I have yet to see many of the nominated films, but I was correct in many of my predictions, particularly Argo. Although, just about everyone expected Argo to win. Looking forward to seeing Argo soon though. I rarely agree with Oscars. The last time that I agreed with the Academy was 2003 with The Return of the King winning, and it is still my favorite film of the decade.


  2. All the best to you Alana :) I hope today is a great day for you!

    1. (I tried to reply to this a few days ago.. but it wouldn't work :( ).
      Thank you, Jay. I really do appreciate it! After having a rough day on Friday, every day since has been really good:)

  3. Jonas is so cute!! I love great pyrenees so much!

    I would have liked seeing Sally Field win... just because of her 1977 movie where she was 'Frog'...

    1. He's a sweetie :).

      Ahh! Smokey and the Bandit!!!


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