Monday, March 4, 2013

Because I'm too lazy to write a real post.

Here's what pinterest has been speaking to me lately..

Where has this been all my life? 

Can You tell I love Jenifer Lawrence?? I have a feeling if we ever met.. we'd become best friends ;) 

Picture it in pure white and you see pretty much what I'd love as a wedding dress.

I also adore this, if it could stop just past my knees. 

the doctor + the avengers = making me feel safe from alien invasion :)

Pretty much.. haha

Yes Sir, Captain Kirk, Sir! 

I love both of them so much.. 

That hair... so pretty.... 

  I apologize y'all.. I promise a real post will come soon!



  1. i do love your pinterest posts. so many things that i love! especially the deschanel sisters. hahahaha.

  2. I love Jenifer Lawrence too, she was fantastic in X-Men: First Class, and almost as good in the Hunger Games. The Avengers/Doctor Who and football pictures are great! Would it be OK if I used it in one of my "Funny Picture" posts? I will give you full credit.


    1. You are welcome to use anything from my posts as long as you give credit, where credit is due :)

  3. Love Jennifer Lawrence. And dude....totally pinned that wedding hairdo. So great.


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