Friday, March 8, 2013

Was it really that good?

  What is it about the past, that we seem to glorify it and only remember the good parts?

I was talking to Micah's new girlfriend Caitlin, and she was telling me how Micah talks about me a lot, about the good times we had and stuff. This got me thinking though.. why do people block out all the bad and glorify the past? I know you're not supposed to dwell on the mistakes and the fights.. but does that mean we are to completely wipe them from our memory?

  I was with Micah for two years, we had oh so many good times. Countless laughs, deep conversations, movie watching, and all that good stuff, but I could never.. ever forget those nights I cried myself to sleep.. those times I was so mad I could have hit him over the head with a baseball bat... He broke my heart.. how can one forget all that?

  Perhaps I am just one who is attached and intertwined with memories. Everything that I've gone through has made me who I am. I got hurt a lot, but instead of letting it knock me down, I grew because of the hard times.

  I guess what I'm trying to say.. is life with always be full of the ups and downs. There will be times when you're so full of happiness you could burst, and others when you want to bury yourself alive you're so depressed and hurting. What makes you who you are.. is how you deal with it. Do you cherish the happy times? That's what I'm slowly learning to do. Do you learn from the hurtful ones? That is the hard part.. letting the bad make you a better, stronger person.

   I can't say that I've always learned from my heart brakes and mistakes.. but I am now. I'm proud to say that I'm not the same person that I was in 2010. I better, stronger, happier, more reliant on God.

  SO, don't block out the bad, grow from it.

On to other news:

What a busy week.
I'm happy to say that the friend that canceled on me Monday night, came to see me Tuesday night and we spent the evening laughing and talking. Really just being crazy. It was ever so good for me.

I made Tuna fish salad for her :)

  On Wednesday, mom and I went to the mall to search for dresses. SUCCESS! Oh and as always, Youth group :).

Other than that I've been doing school all week, trying to get ready for California next week. SO EXCITED!!




  1. I think a lot of people tend to glorify the past because we will never live through it again. Plus, if you just recall all of the crap that you trudged through it can get rather depressing. And Jesus saved us from the mistakes of our past, so we don't need to keep those things constantly in our minds. Definitely though, we should grow from those experiences and I'm so so so glad that that's what you are doing, my dear. Micah probably remembers all the crap too, but it's from a different point of view. And maybe also it hurts him too much to think about that stuff, so he chooses to only talk about the good things. just a thought. :)

    1. Good point. You are so completely right :).I'm really really glad too!
      You're probably right :).


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