Saturday, March 9, 2013

It really is that simple.

Okay, I'm perhaps a little obsessed with my hair..
This is what the moisture filled air did to my hair AFTER I took a shower. 
  My Friday night was spent at my youth pastor's house eating jambalaya (YUM) and watching The Father Of Lights. Y'all.. Oh My Gosh. You. Need. To. Watch.

  It's a documentary about these guys who went all over the world doing miracles and really just loving on people. Planting the seed of Jesus, but not pushing Him on anyone. It was really awesome!

  Why is it that people think you're going to win people for Christ, by shoving Him down their throats? It's all about letting Him shine through you. Letting His love shine through you. That's something we all need to work on.



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  1. Need to watch that documentary sometime, it sounds interesting.



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