Monday, April 29, 2013

Formal '13 recap

  Did I mention that the formal was amazing? Cuz it was. Pictures can be found here.
This year was so so so SO much more fun than past years. I'm going to peg it on the fact that I was surrounded by awesome friends and didn't have a boyfriend to worry about.

  I made a new friend, who shed light on a subject that I've always been a bit opinionated on. I won't share his name, to protect him, but I will share that he's gay. Now, anyone whose been reading my blog, knows I disagree with the life style, and that hasn't changed, but I understand them better now.

  I still believe that it is 100% a choice, but not such a simple one. Each person (you and me included) is born with specific sinful tendencies. One person may have a low tolerance for becoming an alcoholic, while the next is the physical acts . That doesn't mean that any of the sinful tendencies are unbeatable.

  I'm going to get a little personal for a minute here. A few years ago.. I was leaning towards being Bi. Now, I never did anything about it, but it was something I went through, and by God's grace I was delivered from. It's not as simple as one might think, to just say no. To just shut down what your flesh is asking for.. it's something that can't explain.

  My point to this post is to raise awareness. He knows that I don't agree with him. He also knows that I'm not going to hate on him just because we have different sins. I spent most of Friday night hanging out and laughing with him. He is so sweet, and funny, and smart, and most Christians would shun him just because his sin is more obvious than theirs.

  Checkout the log in your eye before plucking the speck in theirs.




  1. Very well-put, Alana. I also believe that people are born with tendencies toward different sins, be those pride, disrespect, homosexuality, etc. That said, it is still a personal choice whether to give in to your sinful nature (and I do agree with God's Word that living in homosexuality is a lifestyle of sin) or to allow God to change your heart and actions to reflect His. With that in mind, you are correct to stand firm in your convictions, but also to focus on treating this young man how Christ would. God defines Himself in a word as "love" (I John 4). We are called to imitate that nature, His nature ... never to hate a God-created individual with a soul and a destiny. Hate the sin, as it breaks God's heart? Yes. Hate the sinner God loved enough to die for? Not a chance. Though I struggle with different sins, He loved me just the same. Enough to give His life to purchase mine. (See Romans 5:8.) ~ Rachael

    1. You are right of course, it's 100% the person's choice.

  2. I deleted a comment from Jay by accident , so here's what he said:
    "In some people it may be a choice or a leaning influenced by circumstances growing up but in others it is what they are. We all have a sexual orientation and for some it is towards the same sex. Saying being gay is their choice is putting it on the same level as my choosing to wear a red or green shirt. It's not that simple. The bible doesn't differentiate between them though and homosexual acts are always wrong. Sometimes the only choice is not doing them. They're living a life the bible says is wrong but it's not for us to condemn anyone. We can only say what we believe and let each one decide for themselves."
    Jay, It's my belief that it is a choice. Not a simple one by any means, and many probably don't realize it's a choice because it's so hard. But it's a choice none the less.

  3. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean by choice. Are you saying a person who's attracted to the same sex can switch to one of the opposite sex if they try hard enough? Or are you saying it's their choice not to practice homosexual acts but still have that sexual orientation? I'm not trying to start an argument but communicating through text alone can be confusing.

    1. Alittle of both, but basically the former. I believe that God can change a person, not that they can do it themselves. Just like He heals diseases or of an addiction. Homosexuals also have the choice to just abstain from the sin though.
      If you wish to continue this conversation, feel free to email me. I don't see this as and argument.

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