Friday, May 10, 2013

Thinking hurts...

Yesterday I was in Austin with one of my favorite families (well some of them atleast), Laina, her littlest brother Connor, and her mom Shannon; shopping! It was great fun.

Yesterday's topic was A moment in your day. 

Here is two.
Can you say hideous?? Laina and I laughed at this.. 

I tried on a romper (for the heck of it) for the first time ever. Laina,  tried on an adorable dress :)

Today's topic: Most embarrassing moment. 

This is a hard one for me.. I've had my share of embarrassing moments, but I've blocked most of them out.. so here goes..

In January 2011 I was in a play with my homeschool group. It was a lot of fun, because each of us got to make our own character, and the directors put them all together in a plot.

Anyways, I was a snotty rich girl. At the begining of the play, I had to walk by thease two guys (basketball players in the play) and basically "check them out" and "hit on them". These two guys? My ex (I only dated the guy for like a month..) and a guy who had had a crush on me our entire lives... It was mortifying. Thank God I got to snottily tell them off when they "asked me out"..


P.S. I got a part in Willy Wonka!! I get to be Mrs. Teavee :). I am beyond excited! I simply cannot wait until first rehearsal on Tuesday!! Especially since Ocean got a part too!


  1. congrats on getting a part in willy wonka!!! how exciting!!!

  2. wow no wonder micah cheated on you with basically every female who walked by. you give anorexia a new definition.

    1. I'm not anorexic. I'm simply not fat. There's a BIG difference.


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