Sunday, June 16, 2013

God uses the lost too

Jonas enjoying the water trough

Today, my dears, is Father's Day. I was a little hesitant about church today. It's typically very hard for me to be at church on Father's Day , since Papa isn't there, but God did something really awesome today.

  Pastor Michael spoke on what everyone needs in a father. He asked a bunch of people, and the five most common answers were:
(In no specific order)
~ A father who cares. In other words, if something is going on, he's gonna want to know all about it and help all he can.
~A father who is there. This doesn't mean just physically being around, but a father who doesn't check out. One who is actively a part of his kids lives.
~A father who is ready to give advice. Kids need their dad's counsel. It's built into us.
~A father who is our biggest fan. We all need to hear our dads tell us that their proud of us, that we've done well.
~ A father who is a forever protector. There's something special about dad (or in my case papa) coming to the rescue. We need that.

The blessing was not this wonderful sermon, it was the fact that though Papa isn't a christian, I can easily say that he is all of the things I just said. God blessed me with a WONDERFUL Papa. I am so thankful for him!

Does your dad live up to such great expectations?


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