Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Decisions decisions...

  Grow up they said.... It'll be fun they said...
Oh wait, that was my own brain, thinking that growing up and being able to take care of myself, make my own rules, and decide on my own would be a great and fun idea. I should have listened to all the grownups that told me it sucked.

Rock the Desert is next week and I have to decide whether I should go or not.
 I'm really torn on whether I want to, because Kt and her family will be here, but RTD is so much fun and such an amazing experience... I really don't want to miss it. Something tells me I'll cry either way.

The big deal has nothing to do with whether I want to go though. It has everything to do with whether I should go. As my mom said, this summer has been all about me. I've been busy almost everyday with play stuff. I should have been done with my school work months ago, but I'm not. Not because I haven't worked at it.. I've just really lost my momentum. Mom thinks that my school should be done if I'm going to do this, but she's not going to tell me I can't go. She's leaving the decision up to me. I wish she wouldn't, but that's the whole "growing up" thing. I have to decide what's best in this situation.

 My head and my heart are telling me two different things. I've got a lot of praying to do. Please be praying with me. I need to decide... and I need to be at peace about that decision.

I really need something good to happen.... please let something good happen. I've been way too stressed lately. Not just a good day, but some blessing... like finding the man of my dreams... or miraculously getting done with school NOW... or having something I've wanted for a long time to look forward to. Something big and great.



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