Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What a time suck....

  Today on Whatever Wednesday's, we're talking about things that we do WAY too much. I have a list.... because well.... I do several things too much.

1) Pinterest. I love it... it makes me laugh and be happy... but good grief I spend too much time drooling over tattoos and food.... and laughing at funnies... and longing for a wedding....

2) Day dream/ think. I spend countless hours either in a dream land (it really isn't healthy...) or over thinking to the point that I'm sick to my stomach and just wanna die.

3) Check my phone. I really need to make a rule that I can't check it unless I felt/ heard it, or I want to know what time it is. The phone checking only gets worse when I'm having a risky conversation with someone OR I'm willing someone to talk to me.

So yeah... that's me. What do YOU do way to much of?
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  1. Oh Pinterest, and with a phone app, too, so dangerous...I hear you...I pin, pin, pin away!!! :)

  2. If all else fails there is always Pinterest. Quick fix for any second one might be bored.

  3. Other than college, YouTube, that probably is where most my time goes. Also writing blog posts, although blog posts is not really a negative.


  4. I check my phone Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and sometimes not enough...

    I don't PIN:)


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