Thursday, August 29, 2013

The me I want to be.

  Lately I've been thinking about the kind of person I will someday be. I wanted to give you a picture of the woman I aspire to be.

The future Alana Donae _________ will be kind. She will think about others feelings before opening her mouth. She will be much more poised. She will care much less what others think of her, and much more of what God thinks of her. She will be disciplined in reading her Bible each day. She will be a wife and mother who rolls with the punches. Her days may not always (or ever) workout as she planned, but she'll know how to pickup the pieces and carry on anyways. She will keep a tidy home and will be skilled in having a delicious and nutritious meal on the table everyday; no matter if their poor or rich. She will be an active part of her children's lives and they will know that they can come to her at any point if they need her. She will be a help mate to her husband. Submissive, but her opinion and thoughts will be valued by him, though the final decision will be his. She will never be to busy for the people she loves; even if it means the house goes dirty for a week. Most of all, she'll be a woman of God. A woman who looks up before she looks in the mirror. A woman who doesn't stress or worry, because she knows God has it under control. A woman whom God would be more than proud to call His Princess... His pure and spotless daughter. 

  So what do you think? Am I shooting too high? Or can I someday be this woman; with God's help?



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