Friday, October 25, 2013

Just a theory.

Being silly while waiting for the food to come on my birthday. 

Celebrating Papa's 60th a month early with his salesmen. 

  What if... non-believers are placed in Christians lives not only so that the Christians can bring the light to them, but so that they can teach the Christians something.

Think about it... Obviously we are meant to be the light for non-believers, but think about the other side of this... Being surrounded by Christians is great. We can grow in our walk with Christ and what-not, but I feel as if we can learn almost more about who we're supposed to be, by being around non-believers or Christians who are blatantly ignoring God.
I don't have any deep thoughts on the matter, it's just something I've been thinking about the last few days and I thought I'd share.




  1. i think you're onto something. Jesus didn't only stick to the church goers and other people who thought and believed like him, he spent time with the 'sinners" and the people that you weren't supposed to hang out with. how can you reach out to non believers if you don't spend time with them, know what they've been through or see things from their perspective?


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