Saturday, October 26, 2013

Of the things that amuse me.

  I'm in the story telling mood, so I'm gonna tell you about something that happened to me just this past Monday. 

  I was in Wimberley with my family (the ones that live in Texas at least) and all of my dad's salesmen and other work people. This past week was for sales meetings, and Monday was when everyone got into town, so everyone was just hanging out. There was a fairly new sales guy. He'd been working for my dad for less than a year, because I didn't meet him last year at the sales meetings. His name was Jason and he was 27 years old (though he easily looked 18). He was an attractive guy, so he caught my eye right away. I was standing with someone from my family (I don't remember who) and a few other people that work for my dad that I know pretty well, when he introduced himself. I told him my name when I shook his hand and told him I was Bob's daughter (so that he knew I was there cuz I was the boss' daughter). 
I assumed that we wouldn't really interact anymore, but little did I know that I would end up talking to him for half of the probably 4 hours left of the evening. Not all at once mind you, but still. We talked about anything and everything. 
It was pretty obvious to me by the second time he started talking to me, that he was clearly flirting with me. He was the one who kept making the effort to talk to me. I was flattered, and was quite entertained, and frankly enjoyed it. Simply because he was hot, and I knew I was safe cuz I had my family there with me. 
Now, I'd had about half a beer and a shot or so, so I wasn't sober, and to be honest, I'm sure I was flirting back, but it was harmless so I really didn't care. 
Well come to find out (from talking to Shelli), pretty much everyone there could tell he was flirting with me. And one of my dad's partners wanted to know what the hell Jason was thinking, flirting with his boss' 18 year old daughter. 
The fact that everyone else saw it too, was extremely amusing. He was a fantastic distraction, and frankly I'm glad we talked as much as we did. 
Just another story to add to the books about guys who hit on me ;). 

Haha anyways, I just thought the whole thing was funny, and wanted to share my bit of fun with y'all ;). 


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