Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm hard headed.

 In the morning, Kt, the boys, and I will load up and trek back to Texas. 
  The last few days have been fun here at Kt's. Spending time with my amazing big sister and getting to be part of my sweet nephews lives. It's also been a time of reflection and soul searching. 
  When you're as stubborn as I am, it's hard for the truth to break through. It's honestly still at war in my heart. 
  It's so easy for me to lose myself in bitterness, but deep down I know that isn't right. I know that I'm not reflecting my savior when I act that way. 
  I'm struggling, y'all. I know what's right and wrong. I know what I should be thinking and doing. I know where my heart should be. But I'm constantly messing up. I'm constantly hurting Gods heart with the evil in mine. 
  What I'm asking for... Is prayer. I need help so bad. But my desire for a Godly heart is strong... I just need a boost. 


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