Sunday, December 1, 2013

I only blinked twice...

 I just spent the week in Memphis with my sister Shelli and her family, my parents, and my grandmother, visiting my biggest sister Kt and he family! It was a chaotic week... 13 people in one house... BUT it was a blast. From movies (I got to see Catching Fire for the second time AND the Book Thief!!!!!!!) to shopping, to playing cards or dominos in the evening, to going to the zoo, it was a great week!
Some days were rough, but we made it through ;).
By the way. If you've never read The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak.... GO READ IT NOW. And then go see the movie. I promise you, It's amazing, and OMG. Like.... ok... I've loved the book for years, but the movie.... It's the first movie EVER that was a book first and I read the book, that didn't disappoint me AT ALL. It's a blissful feeling. I'm telling you.

OK time for pictures ;).

"Go away Wanna!"

Tattoo Laina designed for me ;)

Before Church, with my little miss. 

Lunch date with THIS gorgeous lady ;)

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