Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feeling the burn.

  Life is a crazy mess of school and house work. It's stressful trying to finish up highschool , help out around the house, get time with friends, and fight my lazy tendencies. I have about four months before I want to be done with school. I really want to accomplish a lot in these months. School, growing up, spending my free time more wisely, all of it.

   I STILL don't have my license. My mom is more than a little aggravated with me. I've been threatened to lose privileges if I don't have it by the first of February. I'm kicking myself into gear...

   I'm also pushing myself to spend my free time in more constructive ways. When it warms up, I plan to start running and working out. My other plan is to read. A lot. Instead of wasting hours on Pinterest and watching gobs of TV, I'll read. I, obviously will still watch TV and get on Pinterest, but not all the time. It won't be my main time suck.

  I'm feeling good about life; about plans I'm making. I'm at peace, if that makes sense. This year holds many trials and much uncertainty, but I'm not scared. God's leading me and that's a fantastic feeling.

  Hows life looking for you?



  1. I've got a suggestion for you. Don't try to make many changes at once, take it one at a time. Make a list of what you want to do starting with the most important and when it needs to be done by (if it has a due date). It takes at least a month to create a new habit so it needs time.

  2. This is awesome. :) I want my permit but driving in California is so scary! I really need to work on it, but man its hard...I can relate to you haha

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