Thursday, January 9, 2014

Me again.

 Over the last several months, but especially since October, I haven't been my normal self. Going through a painful, heart-wrenching situation will do that to ya, go figure.

  I've really become frustrated with my absence. I'm tired of sad days and pain, and just waiting for happier times to come. No no no! Doesn't the Bible tell us (Philippians 4:11) to learn how to be content in all circumstances? I mean, God is a gracious, loving God. He is never cruel and never evil. So, yes, I am going through a very hard time. I haven't been truly myself, for longer than a day, in months, but I have hope. I have faith in the God who created me. This too shall pass.

  Laina tells me that I'm a rose and that 2014/ my eighteenth year is the year I bloom. That means that one day I will be me again, but I'll be better. I'll be a stronger, more effective Christian. I'll be more reliant on Christ, and more confident in my identity. I'll be more mature. I will still have growing to do, but no one is ever done growing. I'll be much more pleased with who is on the inside. I look forward to that day. I strive for it. I.... welcome the trials which will help it come to pass.

  Never forget, everything happens for a reason, and God's timing? It's beyond perfect.


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