Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm blessed

  It feels amazing to know that starting August 25th, I know where I'll be (location at least) for the next nine months. I feel beyond blessed and thankful that I'm getting the opportunity to be part of such an amazing program as G42U (checkout the website to learn all about it!). 

  I don't know exactly what God has for me in this coming season, but I do know that it won't be a wasted time, and I won't be the same person when this is over. But that's a good thing. I have so much growing to do. I'm excited to see what God is going to reveal to me.. about myself... about the world... and about my place in the world.  All I know, is I'll be exactly where God wants me.

  Yesterday was the perfect time for me to get such amazing news. Life has been rough, and to get such a huge answer to my prayers... well that was incredible. It pushed me to decide to be happy. You see, it's been a long while since I've been deeply happy, but yesterday I got my happy back. Life is gonna get me down and make me upset at times, but I refuse to let it steal my happy again. 

God has blessed me with such an amazing life. He's surrounded me with people who love me and I may not everything I want, but I have everything I need. I'm once again thankful for this life God has given me. I have an incredible family. My family doesn't stop with who is blood (or married to blood), it extends to people who treat me like family. I'm blessed by God. Today my heart is very thankful, and I intend to keep it that way. 


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  1. yayaya! so excited for you :)

    and i'm super glad you have found your happy again. we all lose it from time to time, but it always gets returned and/or we find it again.

    so proud of you :)


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