Thursday, February 13, 2014

My dream home...

  Do you ever find yourself wishing you had artistic abilities? Well today I find myself wishing I did. I'm working out in my head what I want in a dream home, but I can't put it on paper. At least, not in picture form, which is what would help me. Let me try to describe my dream home. 

  I want a big family, so a big house is needed, but not a grand house. I don't want it to look or feel huge, but I want for there to be plenty of room for everyone. 
  I want a covered porch which wraps around at least two sides of the house. Maybe a porch on two sides and then a deck attached to that for the back. 
  I want a dog trot down the middle (basically a covered porch down the middle of the house), except I want to have glass sliding doors which slide into the wall to disappear. I would likely use the dog trot as a school room. 
  I want a big kitchen with an island in it which doubles as a bar. I'd like the kitchen to be open to the dining room and living room. The living room would have a pretty staircase leading to the upstairs which would probably have a bathroom or two with five or so bedrooms. 
  On the other-side of the dog trot, you'd open a door to see a hallway with a simple staircase to the upstairs, and a door to a bathroom (which would be attached to a downstairs bedroom). The hallway would lead to the master bedroom which would have a master bathroom attached. The master bedroom would have french doors which would open to the deck. 
  I want this house to be homey. Most likely, hard wood floors throughout except for bathrooms. 

Most of the pictures I'm about to post, I mostly just like the idea. Not necessarily the colors or exact style.

I hate the colors they chose, but it's a super cool idea. 
Master Bath

For the dog trot

I'm dreaming big, y'all. 



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  1. Oh my goodness; I am guilty of the EXACT same thing. I use It's a super user friendly, free floor planning website.

    Your plans sound awesome, by the way.


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