Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whose with me??

  I want to challenge y'all ( and myself) today. 
My challenge is that we spend an entire day speaking nothing but life. Don't cut anyone down or talking bad about them (to their face OR behind their back). Instead, encourage those around you. Send a text, email, or pick up the phone and call someone who you may not see today, simply so that you can speak life into their day. Make people feel good. Point out their strengths. Smile at a stranger on the street. Be friendly to the person in the checkout isle. Help those around you without grumbling. Put others first. Be a blessing to every life you touch today. Because I promise you, every person you come into contact with, you're touching their life. It's up to you whether you're helping or hurting them. 

  And for the record, you can make a conscious decision to do this ANY and EVERY day. Not just today. 

Whose with me?? 



  1. Yeah, your last sentence is really the important one. No reason why we couldn't do that every day

  2. Several days late (well, on! I just saw this ^.^) But I'm totally with ya! <3 This is very much RACOLing is an everyday, simple way, type of thing....And honestly, something I don't do very much *at all*...But I'm with ya, and I'm trying :D


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