Thursday, February 6, 2014

They say..

My best friends always know. 

  They say blood is thicker than water, and in most situations, I completely agree. But then I think of the people who aren't blood, but they ARE family. Laina and Ocean are two of those people. They're family. They're my little sisters. Proof that they love me? They're willing to tell me what's up and set me straight even if they know it'll piss me off. I seriously love that. I may not love it in the moment, but it's so very comforting. I love y'all so much.... 



  1. in my experience blood is not always thicker than water and there have been plenty of times where the 'blood' part of my life has ran a heck of a lot thinner than the 'water' parts of my life. it's nice to have those friends who God has turned into family. you're lucky to have two of them :)

    1. Too true!
      God knew I'd always wanted younger siblings.

  2. Love ya BUNCHES!! You are an amazing big sis. And a fantastic best friend. I don't know what I would do without you.


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