Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Your biggest critic.

 We're not smart enough, fast enough, thin enough, pretty enough. We don't have enough money and out skin isn't as smooth as we'd like. There's always something we can find about ourselves that we don't like. It's sad.

   I know I look in the mirror and could give you a long list of things I don't like or wish I could change, and don't get me started on how my heart and behavior look. I am, by far, my biggest, and worst critic. I tear myself down about something everyday. Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. In my eyes, I am *never* good enough. Even on days when I'm proud of something I've done or I'm actually happy with what I see in the mirror. 

  It's a problem. A big one. Not only because I should be building myself up, but if I'm tearing myself down, then I'm doing the same thing to other people who have similar problems to me. 

  It's not that there aren't things I like about myself, but even with that.. I feel like I'm bragging if I talk about it. I shouldn't feel that way. I mean, God gave me a gift in my voice. I have a beautiful singing voice, and it's not bragging to say so. As long as I'm putting the glory on God and not myself, at least. 

  So, join me in the fight to stop tearing ourselves down. Find something about yourself, today, that you like. Thank God for that thing. Don't just do that, though. Also make a point to not say anything bad about yourself. Just pray, if it's emotional or spiritual, that God would help you to change this thing into something better. 

Join me? 


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  1. I'm with you! <3 It's something I need to get better at. Low self-esteem is not something *anyone* should suffer from...


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