Tuesday, April 8, 2014

God is faithful.

  Since Saturday, miss Briah Adelin, my new niece, has been in the NICU because she had some trouble breathing as well as a few small seizures. They've run blood tests as well as an EEG and a MRI. All have come back clear and she's been doing well the whole time she's been in the NICU. 
Just a bit ago, Becky told me that Briah might be able to go home tomorrow! 
Y'all, we serve an awesome God who loves us so much. He is so *so* good to us. 

Saturday, hooked up to everything.

Yesterday resting.

Mom and Briah today.
Y'all, I'm sure I'm bias.... But look at that beautiful girl!!! 

Shalom y'all, 

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  1. Oh YAY! I'm so glad she's going well! :D It's a roller-coaster ride to have a baby in NICU (not that I have personal experience, but mom and dad were in NICU for three months with Jordan...) My prayers are with you all (hehe! Not like they're ever not ;D) She's such a BEAUTIFUL baby! Love y'all! <3


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