Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Even when the storm is raging

  Well, Becky's family is here, and mom and I have crashed. The last few months have been so busy and so stressful and now we're both sick. We have colds and zero energy. Prayers would be appreciated. We have a lot to do still! 

  Even though things aren't the greatest on the physical side, but on the inside... I'm feeling pretty good. I have a long away to go, but my attitude is changing. I'm growing and learning. I will always be growing and learning. It feels good to actually be able to feel a bit of that growth. It isn't revenge to those who have hurt me, to be happy. The happiness is for me and those who are closest to me. No one else. 

  God will finish the great work He's started in me, and the same goes for you. 


  1. I'm praying for a quick recovery. It sounds like you are on a road to greatness:)
    Also, the pictures of your niece in your last post, were just precious. She is a beauty, that's for sure.

  2. Thank you :). On both accounts!

  3. Sorry you're sick, but I'm glad things are improving for you! :)


Jesus loves you & I do too!
Be blessed, but also be a blessing.