Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Rest is Still Unwritten

  It's amazing how scary and exciting it can feel to be approaching a new chapter of life. I look at the upcoming school year with a mixture of those two things. 
I'm scared because it's new. I'll no longer live at home. I won't be surrounded by family. I'll be under a new authority. My reputation for working hard in school isn't the greatest. 
But I'm excited because this is a chance for me to start fresh. I don't have to be lazy or a procrastinator and this is the perfect, new setting for me to fix old bad habits. This is my chance to change who I've been and be better. It's my chance to look more like Christ. It's my chance to grow and learn and figure out what God has for me in this life. 
I strongly believe that G42U is a God send for me. I know that He wants me there and I can't express how excited that make me. It is sure to be a challenging year, but also an amazing one. 


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