Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's the little ones

   Today I get to go see my new niece for the second time. Cora was born July 21st, but she was due September 10th. She hasn't let that define her though. She is already back up to her birth weight (4 lbs 9 oz), she's no longer on a feeding tube but she's breast feeding. 
  I'm so proud of my little fighter. She's the first Leggett to be born in nearly 19 years (I was the last), and I couldn't think of a better baby girl to take my place. 
  Not only am I proud of Cora Elizabeth, but I'm proud of my brother and SIL. They've been through so much in this last month, but they haven't let any of it knock them down. 

   God has been so good in keeping them all safe, and I'm just so blessed to be their sister and aunt. 



  1. Literally the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. That smile tho...absolutely stunning


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