Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Holy Crap

  I have three and a half weeks before I start school... and they are PACKED! 
This week yet I have a play and a concert to go to. 
Next week I'm planning to hangout with various friends, get my nose pierced, and over the weekend I will *hopefully* get to hangout with my Laina and finally meet in person one of my very best friends. 
 The following week I will likely be going on a road trip to see my big sister Kt and explore her state. 
 When I get home... I'll be left with about a week to hangout with people, pack, maybe get a tattoo, and who knows what else. 

  I'm feeling... a tad overwhelmed, but at the same time, I'm excited; not only about school starting, but also about the next several weeks. They will be memorable I'm sure.

  Okay so, y'all.... I got to hold Cora yesterday! At 4 lbs 9 oz she's tiny, but oh my gosh... she's perfect. I was overwhelmed with how much I love her. And I am reminded how much I wanna be a mom someday, and Lord willing, I'll be one. 

  What does the rest of your summer look like? 



  1. Those sound like exciting weeks! I am so excited at the possibility of one of your tattoos happening!!! Obviously, pictures are mandatory ;)

    My next couple of weeks have been keeping me up at night too o_o Today I have five interviews to do and write up, textbooks to price and order for the fall, scholarship thank-you letters to write (before they rescind my scholarship), and packing for the road trip. Tomorrow I leave for a road trip til August 10th, then I come back home and work 9am-4pm that week, then go back to college two days later.

    Sorry...I'm big-time complaining. I've just been really freaked out and stressed the past couple of days :3


    1. Me too!!!!

      Dang!! You're in my prayers <3

  2. Whoa! Crazy weeks up ahead! But you can do it :D ^.^ I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN LIKE...10 DAYS!!!!! XD It's gonna be fantabulous, no matter what...:D And yes...Most definitely tattoo pics please ;D Love yous, girlie! <3

    Stephanie, you are in my prayers...That is some wild couple of weeks...YOU CAN DO IT! :D


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