Tuesday, July 22, 2014

She's a fighter


  Yesterday afternoon, my SIL, Tori was having contractions every three minutes. She was just under 33 weeks pregnant. She's been in the hospital due to her water breaking, since 30 weeks. 
Well, baby Cora decided that she wanted to be born yesterday. It was going to be a natural birth, but Cora's great rate kept dropping, so she went in for an emergency C-Section. This morning BOTH mama and baby are doing very well. Cora is in the NICU for the time being. Cora's birth weight was 4 lbs 9 oz. 

This is the first picture ever taken of her. Seeing her like this (I haven't met her in person yet) broke my heart, but I was so thankful that she was well taken care of. 

This is Cora Elizabeth Leggett, this morning. I can't get over how beatutiful she is. 
I guess you could say I'm a proud aunt! 

Please pray for a quick recovery from the C-section for Tori, and that Cora would be able to go home soon! 



  1. i'm glad they are both doing alright. baby cora looks so sweet!! :)

    1. I am too, thank you :). Doesn't she, though ?!?!

  2. What an amazing story her parents will have to tell her one day! It is so wonderful to know everyone is okay- congrats on the new family member! :)


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