Friday, August 8, 2014

It's simply *not* okay.

  What, pray tell, am I referring to? Body shaming.

  I am very slender. My ribs can be seen, my hip bones and collar bone are noticeable... I'm "boney". I can't even begin to tell you how many times people have made remarks like: "Honey, you need to eat!" or "Are you anorexic?". I can't chose to not have dessert without someone saying "Oh, you must be watching your figure.". This one time, someone looked at me and said " Do you have any fat on your body??". I've gotten to the point where it doesn't matter whether the person is just joking or whether they're meaning to be nasty, comments like that are offensive to me. 

  If you took any of those comments and turned them into the version for an over weight person, you'd be ridiculed, so why is it okay to say something like that to someone who is slender? Do we not have feelings too? 
  No, I don't watch my weight. No, I don't diet. Actually, I do eat... A lot in fact... and I keep it down. In-case you were wondering, I just happen to have a very fast metabolism and good genes. 

  Why do we live in a word so bent on tearing each other down? Do so many of us have such low self-esteem that we can only raise it by lowering someone else's? Not to sound like a hippy, but why can't we show love? Seriously. 

Sweet Cora

Kezley and Briah with their cousin Cora!



  1. in my experience it's because we live in a broken society. also, because anorexia and bulimia were such an epidemic a while back, i think people are just genuinely concerned for those who are skinnier than "normal" you know what i'm saying? i'm definitely not skin and bones and yet people will still make some of those same comments towards my body. my poor gramma thinks i've got to be a size zero and claims to be worried about me. so i totally get being offended by those remarks whether serious or in jest. i also deal with people constantly thinking i'm 19 years old when i'm actually almost 24. so the only thing i know to do about this is to just ignore them all. (easier said than done...but, you know)

    love you, girl

    1. *sigh*... Truth.. You're right. And most of the time, I'm good at just ignoring the comments. I just get frustrated sometimes. Even my own family says stuff. My dad is the same as your grandma. And then there's my brother-in-law who is always making joking comments about how "boney" I am.
      I'm learning... I'll get over it. This world hurts sometimes though.

  2. Sweetheart...that's not body shaming. Those are just comments about your body. The stuff people say about overweight people is significantly more hurtful and mean spirited. And most of the time people don't get chastised for doing it. once again, get off your high horse and stop being such a pretentious bitch. It's making me sick.

    1. 1) Quit being a coward by hiding behind your anonymous shield if you're so convinced that you're in the right here.
      2) Actually, it is body shaming. Anything nasty said about someone's body, is body shaming. It doesn't matter whether the person is overweight or skinny.

  3. But those comments you mentioned aren't nasty. Mostly they sound concerned, and just like general inquiries. What's nasty is "why don't you just workout?" as if you don't already four-five times a week. And "are you really going to eat that?" with a nasty look. So stop being such a privileged, skinny, bitch and whining just to whine. And I don't have an account but I'll leave my name. You're right, it's rude not to identify yourself somehow.

    1. The comments themselves may not be nasty, but they way they are said, is. Trust me.
      I'm not whining. I talk about real, honest problems here on my blog. If you don't like it, then don't read.


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