Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Packing and more packing....

  Where have I been for the last week? Well, vacation kept me busy. I had a blast with my parents, exploring east Tennessee! I have to say, I really liked Knoxville. The week was full of history and family (past and present). We went to Rocky Mount Living History Museum and the Tipton-Hayes Museum , both in the Johnson City, Tn area. If you're ever around there, you should go! They're both super cool. 
  We spent Thursday exploring Knoxville (They have really yummy food, y'all), and on Friday we headed back to Kt's house. Y'all... I drove on the interstate for the first time ever. It was nerve racking  but I'm so proud of myself! 
  Saturday we had the pleasure of  attending Caleb's 6th birthday party. It was actually really fun. He was having a double party (starwars themed of course) with a friend of his, and that kid had a pool, so we got to swim! Now, I really want a salt water pool... 
  Sunday meant saying goodbye and heading home, but that's okay. We'll see them again soon. 

  Thanks to Shelli and Michael, and them needing help with the kids, I got a free trip to Schlitterbahn on Monday!! For those of you that don't know, Schlitterbahn is the best water park ever. If you're ever in Texas... I don't care how far away you are, GO. 

Yesterday was full of packing. Lots and lots of it. Oh and a completely destroyed tire. Which, by the way,our spare was too big... so it rubbed whenever we turned... needless to say, we had to go to our tire shop to get a smaller one... that wasn't fun. Last night mom and I had one more Bible Study with Ocean and her mom. I've really enjoyed doing that with them. It's been fun! 

What have y'all been up to???

Cora <3

Ethan and Cora



  1. sounds like you've been crazy busy in a good way! :)


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