Monday, October 6, 2014

I run to you, Jesus

  I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a Christian. People tend to think that it's all about going to Church, reading your Bible, and following rules. That's not it at all though. 

  Being a Christian is about where your heart is. It's about loving God and pursuing Him. Sure, all that other stuff is good, but it's not what God is about. God is about passion and connection. He's about love and grace. If your heart's desire is truly to follow God and love Him, then everything else will start to fall into place. You'll start to desire a life of morality. A life of serving God and loving the people around you. You'll have a desire to give of yourself, and you'll find fulfillment in it. And it won't be because you're so awesome. It will be because your heart is different. 

  My heart is in the middle of the transformation process. Right now, I often have to make a conscious choice to love and serve those around me. I admit it, I can be rather selfish, but I'm working on it. It's my heart's desire to be Jesus with skin on. I am human, and I will always mistakes, but I pray that everyday there is more of Him and less of me. 


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  1. Alana, you wrote "Right now, I often have to make a conscious choice to love and serve those around me."

    It's the same with me. I'm trying to learn to be a better friend to everyone in my life, and to light up the lives of everyone around me, and I'm continually searching for more ideas about what to do, and how to practice, because I feel so very far away from being the way I'd like to be.


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