Sunday, October 5, 2014

Texas runs through my veins

Now, I'm definitely not one of those in your face " Texas is the best place in the world", Texans, but I really love my state. 
  I'm a loud and proud Texan, but I also know that this world has so many amazing, beautiful places. Texas is so special because it's my home. My heat is here. I mean, of course it's a great place anyways, but the big reason why I love it so much is the fact that it's home. 

  Having a roomie like Haydn, though, has really made me fall more in-love with my state. She"s from Louisiana and she's the type that thinks her state is the best thing since sliced bread. As a result, she puts Texas down a lot, so it makes me *super* defensive. Haha. 

Y'all, I love my state.



  1. i think texans kind of get a bad rep since the stereotypical generalization is that "you guys" all think that texas is the best thing ever and everyone should love texas as much as you do, so i think that maybe influences people when they are talking to texans. i LOVE idaho and i think it's gorgeous here. we get all four season, we have mountains, tons of lakes and rivers, and some awesome towns to boot. but not everybody is into that stuff so not all people like idaho. but since it's my home and it's where my heart is, i know i get defensive when other people put idaho down.

    it's like so many other things in life, just people's opinions. we will never always see eye to eye on everything ;)

    1. This is truth!
      I can deal with Texas not being some peoples cup of tea. I just have to be careful to take it with a grain of salt when people bash my state. Haha


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