Thursday, March 19, 2015

They didn't chose it.

This week for school we had what Nate called "shark week", basically we watched documtories and became more aware of things going on in this world. We learned about things from the corruption in the food industry (watch Food Inc.) to the child armies Joseph Kony has in Africa (Invisible Children), but the topic that caught my attention and broke my heart the most was human traficking. 

  Before watching Nefarious, I'd always thought of the victims of human traficking being the girls who are locked in a room 24/7 and men are brought to them. I didn't realize that the girls who are prostitues and in the windows in the red light districts are typically human traficked as well. I also didn't think of prodtitues in America being human traficked. But most are. 
  Did you know that in countries like Thiland and Cambodia parents sell their own daughters, and that typically it's not even the poorest families that do it, but the ones where they'd rather have nice TVs and cell phones and fathers would rather siy around all day than work? The whole thing made me sick and angry. But this wasn't my main point in writing this post. My point was what I saw at the end of the video. 

  At the end they gave testimonies of many of the women who had shared their stories throught the video. They were stories of restoration, happiness, hope, and most of all, God. 
  It stuck me that only God can heal such deep wounds. These women's lives had been a living hell, and yet now they live full lives. God healed their hearts. He showed them what a true Father's love is like. And it made me look at my life. I've been through hard times. Nothing like those women, but still, hard times. I've felt pain. 
I think back to where I was emotionally, mentally, and spiritualy when I started G42U in August. I was broken (and not in a good way), bitter, angry, practically in physical pain. I was a mess. Today? I'm filled with joy. Do I have hard days and still have struggles? Of course, but I have the love of God in a way I'd never experienced before. And it hit me, God doesn't just heal those who have been through hell, he heals those of us who have much smaller problems too. 
You see, in the eyes of this world, I'm insignificant. I'm just a small town girl. I likely won't do anything note worthy. I'm just a speck on this planet. But God says that I matter. He says my struggles matter. He says that the state of my heart matters. I matter so much to Him that He healed my broken heart and shows love to me everyday. And you know what? God says you matter that much too. 

Don't miss out on the blessing of God. He has so much for you. He loves you. 



  1. Amen, sister.

    This post is so close to my heart - we have to remember that often people in bad situations did not wake up one morning and say to themselves, gee, I think I'll give up my life and go (be a prostitute/live in a dump/etc) today. That was something that struck me hard when I was in Honduras. The trash dump "workers" didn't choose that, it was circumstance. They lost their job. They were born into and don't know any other way of life. They were forced into it.

    And then I realized that those people matter just as much, if not maybe even more than, me and my life. We are all important; spread the good word!

    I'm glad you have this perspective too. So many people allow themselves to become depressed by this information, but do not be depressed! a wise pastor told me that going home and selling all my belongings because how dare I have more things than others was the wrong approach. Instead I should feel burdened to help out in any way I could. I ended up where I am by circumstance (and a divine plan for my life) and so did those people.

    God works in mysterious ways. And now that I've written a book ;) have a great, joy-filled day!

    1. Thank you, as always, for your insight! You're completely right :).


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