Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What if we lived like we meant it?

Today I feel convicted. 
God is not my number one priority. Sure, I talk to Him everyday and even throught my day, but not only do I not make time to spend much needed one on one time with my daddy God; But I choose things over Him. Often times it's Netflix. I'll watch an episode of my current obsession before work instead of reading and journaling. 
It's something I really need to work on. 

It made me think of something, though. I know that if I made God first... I'd be a different person. But what if all Christians did that? What would our world be like? Things would be rasically different, in the best way. 
I just keep thinking about how it would be if all Christians prayed as fervently if we should. If we actually trusted God in everything. If we lived our lives for His glory and not our own pleasures. 

Now I get it. Even the most dedicated Christians make mistakes. We're all gonna be hypocritical at times. That's us being human. 
But man... If we actually tried.... If we actually placed our lives in God's hands... It would be a beautiful thing.. And we wouldn't be nearly as hypocritical. 


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