Saturday, May 28, 2016


   I've spent the last week and a half traveling, and experiencing new things. My trip is coming to an end and all I can think is "no... I'm not ready". 

   I have adventure and exploration bubbling out of me right now. The idea of going back home... Where I've spent basically all my life, honestly makes me a little sad. 

   I'm at this stage in life where I'm a single woman. I'm not in school. I'm not in a career. This is the time to be adventuring. If there's anytime when I should be living away from family, it's now. 

   I'm pondering and praying about my next step. "Logically", I think I should be doing something that the world thinks is productive. Like working on a career. 

   I may not do the "logical" thing, though. I don't know yet. I may pick a place to live, just because it makes my heart come alive. 

  I loved visiting Denver. It stirred the adventure in me. I'm not saying I'm moving there. What I'm saying is I'm craving adventure, and I'm seeking God on what kind of adventure I want/ need to be pursing in this season. 

  If He says that school, and work, and just life is what I need to pursue for now, then okay. But I'm spurred on to truly and deeply pursue adventure in my life. No matter what that looks like. 

  *wistful sigh*

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