Friday, June 3, 2016

Thoughts on Me Before You


   So there is a lot of contravercy surrounding this movie. I have never read the book, so all I had to go off of, was the movie trailer and people's opinions. I decided that I wanted to see the movie enough to see it despite the rumors that it promotes euthanasia. 

  Let me start off by stating that I do not agree with euthanasia. Or suicide (assisted or otherwise), for that matter. 

  Personally, I really loved the movie. I went into it knowing that Will would choose to die, in the end, but I still love the movie. It made me feel something. I don't believe at all that there was a hidden message in the film about how the world is better off without disabled people. Honestly, the opposite was happening. 

  Yes, ultimately Will chose death, and while I don't condone it, I can see where he was coming from. He lived this full, radical, adventurous life before, and now he can't do anything without help, and he gets sick a lot. So sick he could die. That seriously sucks. Sickness, tied to not being able to let go of the wonderful life he had before... Yeah, I get why he chose death. 
  Let's also look at it from a spiritual direction, this guy obviously doesn't have God. The only hope he can see is through Lou, and it's scary to place all your hope in a person. Plus, if you really love them, you don't want to put such a burden on them. 

   My point is not to say that suicide (or whatever prettier word you want to put on it) is okay. My point is to maybe get you to realize that life isn't always so black and white. Also to tell you, if you can accept and see the grey areas, and like love stories, you should really watch Me Before You. 


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