Thursday, January 5, 2012

Breath in, breath out

Lately that's all that's kept me going.

I mean duh. I have to breath to live, but seriously.

I've been stressed.
For countless reasons.

But you know what's really kept me going?
My jesus. My God.
No matter how big I mess up, He'll never leave me.

At youth group the other night...

Durring worship, God was so heavy in there.
The Holy Spirt rsuhed in and I about got knocked over..
I was on my knees and almost in tears.

It's like God was telling me-

"I'm still here!! I haven't left you!"

All in all
God is good.
No matter how hard life gets .


-Alana <3

1 comment:

  1. moments like that are amazing---no doubt about it.
    God is always with us...but 'tis nice when He reminds us with an overwhelming sense of peace :)

    love always,


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Be blessed, but also be a blessing.