Friday, January 6, 2012

The Choice

Warning ! This is likely to step on your toes. 
 Before you read this, please keep in mind, I'm not judging. At all. I'm sharing what's on my heart. 


Every last one of you are bound to know a teen  who is either pregnant or has a child.
And if not, you know a teen who has had sex.

Sex is a beautiful thing. I'm a virgin.. so I've never experienced it for myself, but I have four married siblings and older friends. So I know a little bit about it.

Every woman I've talked to, wishes she would have waited until that wedding night. and I bet there are  some guys out there who wish the same thing.

Now, when I say sex.. I'm not just talking about vaginal. I'm talking about oral too. Anything remotely sexual (I consider kissing okay. but other people would disagree.). It's all wrong. you can't give someone a hand-job and think " well at least we didn't have sex." it's just as bad.

 God created sex for marriage. A way of connecting with your spouse. It's not there so that you can sleep around with whoever happens to turn you on. Or even someone whom you love. If you love the person, you'll wait.

Girls, don't let your guy pressure you into doing anything. If he Really loves you, he won't beg or plead or force you to do anything. He will want whats best for you, which is waiting till your married.

Someone once told me, after they lost their virginity, they never felt clean like they had before.

For those of you who are thinking "But I want to make sure I'm compatible with who I marry." Believe me, You're compatible. If you're really in-love with the person, you are SO compatible.

Every person that you share you body with, gets a piece of you, just like you get a piece of them. How would you like to carry that into your marriage?

For me, the momentary pleasure of sex, will never be worth how dirty I would feel after. I'm gonna be with my husband on our wedding night when I have my first time. And because of that, it'll be perfect.

Just a thought.

For Him,

-Alana <3

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