Monday, March 5, 2012

Who are you really?

I didn't wake up this morning planning to write about this.. 
I had something completely different in mind. 
But after reading some comments on a picture

  most people would say either "Damn that's hot" or "slut!", about this picture

I feel like I need to share my heart on the matter.

What does my heart say?
It grieves when it looks at this picture. 
The fact that our women have gotten to a point of such insecurity.
That we've gotten to the point that to feel beautiful we have to have tan(fake) skin, layers of makeup, big boobs, tight revealing shirts, and perfect hair; makes me heart sick.

Yes, I have been known to wear makeup. I wear tight v necks sometimes( not low enough for my boobs to show though). I like for my hair to look good. 

None of those things are bad (except the revealing shirts). It's when you base all your beauty on that, when it becomes bad.

I found that picture on a Facebook page called "the most beautiful teenagers of 2012" .
First of all, it saddens me that girls would even post to something like that.. Our beauty is not to be rated. We are unique.
 But also, the fact that this girl felt she needed to be half naked to be "beautiful" is so sad. When people look at that picture, they're going to pass right over the word "beautiful" and go strait to something like "Sexy" or "Whore"

Women.. girls,
Don't cheapen your beauty by dressing that way. 
God made you in His image, so don't doubt yourself. 

The first step to believing you're beautiful, is to quit saying you're not. Don't put yourself down. When you look in the mirror, instead of looking for faults, see the beauty. Speak it over yourself. You'll start to see a change. 
I did. you can see Here  how I've changed. 

Love always,
-Alana <3

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