Saturday, May 5, 2012

My day + being bored

Today has been an ok day. 
Adon and Ace had a soccer game in Burnet.
Micah came :P. 
other than that .. just cleaning, cuz Papa comes home tonight :).

anyways, Here's a quiz thingy. 

1. Why my last relationship ended:Ummm. I'm not really completely sure. He just dumped me. He claimed that "he wasn't over his ex" .. but he lied a lot.. so yeah.
2. Favorite band:Goodness... currently it is..... He Is We? idk lol.
3. Who I like and why I like him/her:Micah. Because he makes me happy. Laugh, Smile. He brings me out of my shell (even though I'm not shy.. lol)
4. Hardest thing I've ever been through:That's hard to say.. I've been though a lot of hard things.. I guess this friend thing. It's really eating at me.
5. My best friend:Abby
6. My favorite movie: I don't know if I have a favorite movie.. there are a lot of movies I really like: Just go with it. Life as we know it. Tangled. Beauty and the Beast. All of the Die Hard movies. The Italian Job... 
7. Sexual orientation: Straight.
8. Do I smoke/drink?Nope.
9. Do I have any tattoos or piercings? No tattoos...yet ;P but I have my ears pierced (both lobes and left cartilage).
10. What I want to be when I get older:A wife.. A mother... A compassionate person people come to for help.. who ever God molds me into.
11. Relationship with my parents:They're my parents. My relationship with them is fine. My mom and I argue about school :P. my dad and I argue about the fact that he wants me to run the ranch (so not happening). But I guess I'm equally close to them. my mom and I share a faith.. a church.. our days. my dad and I go to the movies.. sing songs.. yeah lol.
12. One of my insecurities:My mouth.. I say stupid stuff all the time. I remember most of them.
13. Virgin?Yes!
14. Favorite place to shop:Hmmm... It depends :P. for books.. Amazon. for clothes.. American Eagle.. or Pacsun.
15. My eye color:Blue.. with green and yellow mixed in.
16. Why I hate school (or work): Because I'm tired of it.
17. Relationship status as of right now:Taken ;P
18. Favorite song of the moment:What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)- Kelly Clarkson (Which is Ironic... because I'm happily with mah boy)
19. A random fact about myself:I love the sound of fingernails tapping on a table .
20. An age I get mistaken for:Usually college.
21. Where I want to be right now:with Becky and Kezley.. or Kt and Caleb and David.
22. Last time I cried: Idk.. the other day probably. 
23. Concerts I've been to:Avril Lavigne, Boys Like Girls, Jamie Grace, Stellar kart.
24. What would you do if...: I really don't understand this question at all.
25. Do you want to go to college? some type of college.. yes.
26. What's your favorite body part? um.. ears?
27. What's your most embarrassing moment?No idea...
28. What's your favorite flower? Indian Paintbrush & Bluebonnets.  
29. What's the shortest a person could be before you just wouldn't date them?well I'm 5'7" .. so 5'8" ?
30. How are you?Eh.. I'm alive and breathin. 

Anyone who wants to do this may. 

Love always,
-Alana <3

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