Monday, August 6, 2012

Rock the Desert? God did!

I'm back!!!

Did you miss me? 
I hope so ;).

What's that? 
you want to hear about my time?

We left Fredericksburg around.. 8:30? 
Getting us to RTD at like 3. 
My goodness it was hot! 
We about passed-out setting up our little village (our camp site).

Thursday was kinda slow in the prayer tent. 
I really think that had a lot to do with the fact that it was metal day. 
But people got prayed for and talked to and met. 
It was good.
My new friend Joni and I, went and sat in the grass when Lacy from Flyleaf went up to speak. 
She was so awesome! 
I love hearing people's testimonies. 
She has a very cool one.
We listened to POD for awhile after that.. 
but not really our cup of tea. 
So we decided to go chill at our camp site. 

I had a feeling that it was going to be a much better/bigger day, 
and it was! 
my goodness it was!
I met new friends .. 
prayed over people. 
Saw people get baptized.
Set free. 
I also noticed a trend. 
There were people all over that had knee braces on and such. 
I got to pray for and help a few of them. 
I also got to take a picture with Joel and Luke from 
"for King and Country"!!*swoons*

This day was even bigger!
a few of us (me included) on the prayer team, 
even got set free and everything! 
I saw a girl's leg grow out to the same length as her other leg.
 Backs re-aline and heal. 
Saturday night the last two bands were : 
Chris Tomlon and Relient K. 
I went out and sat in the grass and just worshiped to Chris Tomlon with my new friend Laura.  
Then when Relient K came on, 
I couldn't help but get into the crowed with Laura. 
Wow they were awesome!! 

All in all, it was the most amazing, life changing time. 
I really hope I get to go next year! 
If you want to hear more specifics and stories and stuff 
(because believe me, I've got them) 
just email me :)

Love always,
-Alana <3

P.S. I might share some of the stories at a later date.. but right-now there's too many to share in one post :)


  1. O_O That is all SO awesome! I have not heard of a prayer tent actually, but that's really great! I'm going to a Christian Musical Festival this weekend. No Relient K or Flyleaf, sadly, but we'll have Britt Nicole, Mercy Me, and NeedtoBreathe.

    I'm glad you had this opportunity!

  2. hi sweetie! its missy meena from inspired by you, blog designs. i'd just like to say, thanks for following my blog, and welcome to my little "family"! :) i love this blog! it rocks! in fact, it rocks so much, i was about to call you miss roxy! and also, i needed encouragement, and this is the perfect blog for it! have a gr8 day sweetie!

    thanks for being awesome! cuz u rock! ♫♪♫♪ mmmmmmmmmmmm! music to my ears! :)


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