Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Embarking on an adventure(1)

On August 31st, we loaded up and headed for San Diego, California. 
It took two days to get there.. 
14 hours the first day, and about 6 the next. 
It really wasn't that bad though. 
We gained two hours..
Everyone was fresh. 
Pretty easy trip.

We were staying at Rob's (Laina's dad) cousin's house. 
What a full house it was.
Three couples and six kids. 
Plus the six of us. 
I was a bit overwhelmed.. haha. 

We got there on Saturday afternoon, 
so I hung-out with them until Sunday morning when my aunt Bonnie and uncle Al came to get me. 
Let me just take a moment to say.. they are amazing. 
I love them so freaking much!
They took me to an island in the SD area called Coronado.
We didn't go play in the water or even walk on the sand, but we walked along the beach.
Stopped at this supper expensive, nice hotel that had an 
ice cream parlor. 
We got ice cream at 11 O'clock  am... before lunch! Yummy
Next we walked until we found this burger place called 
The Burger Lounge. 
This place is known for their yummy, healthy burgers. 
I got a 100% grass fed beef burger.
So good. 

When we got back to their house, 
My cousins (Derek, Holly, and Jonathan) arrived for dinner. 
That was a fun evening. 
I taught them how to play a card game. 
We all laughed and talked. 
It was really nice. 

Monday, being Labor day, everyone had off work. 
In the morning, Bonnie and I made a trip to Michael's for supply's.
You've heard of those crayon pictures right? 
Where you take a crayon, a hair dryer , and a canvas ? 
Well that's what we did!
One picture for me. 
And another for Kezley (since I was gonna go see her soon).
For Kezley's, we melted yellow as a backing; bought white, sparkly letters for her name and glued them on; and glued whole crayons next to the letters. 
So cute and so fun!

After lunch, Derek and his family came over. They have two girls and two boys. Faith-11, Rachel-6, Izzak (I'm not sure if that's how he spells it)-4,and Benjamin-4 mos.
We spent the afternoon just relaxing. 
A little kiddy pool was set up for the kids and the rest of us just ate watermelon and enjoyed company.

Tuesday morning everyone had to go to work, but it was set up for Rob and them to pick me up from my aunt's, so I just hung-out alone and waited. 

Time went fast, but It was a blast. 
I'm so blessed with such an awesome family!

Part 2 coming tomorrow. 

Love always,


P.S. For those of you who read my last post.. though the help of my amazing best friend (Laina), I had a revelation. About a week before Micah and I even broke up, I gave Micah to God. So I have no right to stress or wonder of hurt or anything. It's God's. That feels so good to say. 

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