Friday, October 26, 2012

Suggestions ?

As you might know, I'm a intern leader at my youth group. 
Well, the time has come that I teach a lesson.. 
Or at least that's what Bobby says. 

So in two weeks, 
I will be teaching youth group.
I really have no idea what I want to teach on.. 

So I have a favor to ask.. 

Pray for me.. 
and if you have any grand ideas that you feel like I should do, please share! 

Love always,


  1. It's *Suggestions
    perhaps if you learned how to spell things would be easier.
    you're at terrible writer, and terrible writers (as in you're really bad at wording things and coming up with halfway decent not 9 year old maturity level subjects) are hardly ever good teachers. Your youthgroup/youth pastor either has terrible taste, or they feel bad for you and will really hate their lives once they're sitting through your crappy lesson.

  2. I disagree with "Anonymous". I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts (which are written extremely well) and think that you will come up with something amazing to teach on. Just go with your heart. And don't let anyone and their ridiculous opinions stop you from serving God the way that he wants you too.
    Also there is this saying that goes: If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

  3. To "anonymous,"
    First, those were not very nice things to say. Second, I strongly disagree with what you have written. You owe Alana a very sincere apology. I won't say she hasn't messed up. But she has spoken volumes of wisdom to me nonetheless. Third, I happen to BE a writer. Most of the posts that I have read on her blog are much better worded than the comment you wrote. By the way, you have a grammatical error or two in your comment.
    Jesus loves you.

  4. To the second anonymous, I am the first.
    You're a self proclaimed writer, which means very little. Secondly -- grammar means very little, hence why most successful writers if not all of them have editors. It's the use of words and Alana is very very poor at writing.
    The end.

  5. To the second anonymous,
    I completely agree with you. If the first 'anonymous' knew anything about writing, he/she would know that Alana is using a very natural and laid back style of writing. It sounds like she's actually talking directly to you, and - unless I'm mistaken - she means it to be like that. Also, I don't see how this first 'anonymous' can say that you're a self-proclaimed writer unless she knows you personally and had some way of seeing through your 'anonymous' signature. For all that we know you could be famous! Jesus loves you!!

  6. Second anonymous to Madylaine,
    You are entirely correct. Thanks for agreeing with me :)
    Jesus loves you too!


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