Friday, October 26, 2012

To them that it may concern

I've told you before that I ,like everyone else in this world, have been hurt my words from time to time. 
I've felt that stabbing feeling that you get when someone knows exactly what to say to make it hurt most. 

I'm sure at some point and time I've done something of the sort as well. 
I think everyone has. 
Well I'm sorry. 

But this post isn't about apologizing (though that is important).
This is about asking a question to the one person who hurt me most.
Whose words cut the deepest and changed me forever. 

I'm not going to say her name. 
She knows who she is, and I really don't think it would be right of
me to say.

So, why did you do it? 
What did I ever do to you, that made you say the things you said? 

If I did something that I don't remember.. I'm sorry. 

Honestly, ever since I got to know you, 
I thought you were really sweet and genuine. 

I admit, we probably shouldn't have ever been friends. 
But we did.
I'm not trying tot get that back.. I'm just trying to understand why you attacked me like that.

So please.. comment.. or email me.. and give me an explanation. 

Love always,
P.S. I'm sorry to all my readers that this is such a downer post.. 
Sometimes.. you just gotta know.

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