Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Saturday

Today will be full of catching up on English and Math. Not a hard task, but it will take up my entire day. IF *fingers crossed* I get enough done, Papa and I will go see... something at the movies. 
That's ALWAYS good incentive. Because no matter what the planned movie is, it's always fun. I can taste the popcorn already ;)

Aside from my school filled Saturday.. and school filled week, nothing note worthy has happened. BUT the near future excites me!

Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away, meaning Kt (and the boys), Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Al, Jonathan (cousin), Faith (2nd cousin all from Cali), Aunt Karen, Uncle Duane, Adam (cousin), and Emily( Cousin all from Iowa) will ALL be here in less than three weeks! I'm so excited!
I saw all my California family in September, but I haven't seen Kt since June and come thanksgiving it will be a year since I've seen my Iowa people. Thanksgiving.. will ROCK. 

Also, THIS Wednesday is when I'm going to give my talk at youth group. I'm beyond nervous.. seriously you guys. please pray for me. 

Anything y'all are looking forward to in the near future ?

Love always,


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