Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Proud that I'm not a hypocrite

This is something that I wrote in my journal a few nights ago. I was overflowing with feelings that I knew I needed to share with y'all, so I put it in my journal for a later post :

  The level of hypocrisy in this world truly does make me sick. No matter what area of life we're talking about, but especially when it comes to Christianity. 
  I am the first to admit that I'm a screw up in a lot of ways. I am a sinner. Every lie I've told, every impure thought that has passed through my mind? Yup, that nailed Jesus to the cross.

  I'm not going to sit here and telly you that I don't screw up daily, but at least I have enough respect for you, God and myself to own up to it. 
  I struggle to remember to read my Bible every-day, I don't pray as often as I should, as an effect, I'm not as close to God as I wish I was.
  Despite my down falls, though, I strive to live my life for Him, everyday. The more I do, the more I reflect Him, the better I am at holding my tongue and keeping my cool. I am far from perfect. Just like everyone else, whether they think it or not, , but I love my Jesus with all I have. That has to count for something.. right? 

Love always, 


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